Importance of Medication Adherence for Residents


Medication adherence, also known as medication compliance, refers to a resident’s ability to take their medications exactly as prescribed by their doctor. This is especially crucial for seniors who require senior living services, including those in an adult family home in Federal Way, Washington. Proper medication adherence helps manage chronic health conditions, improves overall well-being, and reduces the risk of hospitalization.

At New Day Senior Living, LLC, we understand the importance of medication adherence for our residents. Our dedicated staff, including nurses and caregivers, work closely with residents, families, and healthcare providers to ensure medications are taken correctly and on time. This collaborative approach is vital for residents with dementia care services needs, who may require additional support with medication management.

Elderly residential care services in King County, Washington, often face challenges with medication adherence. These challenges can include:

  • Difficulty remembering to take medications

  • Confusion about medication schedules or dosages

  • Side effects that discourage residents from taking medications

  • Difficulty swallowing pills

We implement various strategies to address these challenges and promote medication adherence. These strategies include:

  • Individualized medication plans

    We create personalized medication schedules with clear instructions for each resident.

  • Medication reminders

    Our staff provides gentle reminders to residents to take their medications on time.

  • Dosage forms

    We work with healthcare providers to explore alternative dosage forms, such as liquid medications, if swallowing pills is a challenge.

  • Open communication

    We encourage open communication with residents and families to address any concerns or questions they may have about medications.

If you are looking for senior living in Washington that prioritizes medication adherence and resident well-being, contact New Day Senior Living, LLC today. Our compassionate and experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions and discuss how we can meet your loved one’s individual needs.

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